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It will be our pleasure to receive any suggestions from you, or if you require any further information about VALLEFLOR please contact us to the e-mail addresses below:

Main Farm address:
Vía Interoceánica Km 22.5 | Sector la “Y” de Pifo

International Line: 305-433 4401 / 305-938-0648
Direct Sales Line: 593-2-238-1790

We have our whole operation conveniently concentrated at the Pifo farm, for a total control of the whole chain: Post-harvest, Coolers, Pre-cooling, Sales, and Administration. However in case of any kind of emergency we have another Post-harvest and Coolers at our Puembo farm as well.

We are against child work.

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+593 2 238 1790 / (305) 433-4401