Valleflor produces summer flowers in total harmony with society and environment

Claim Policies

We do our best effort to send perfect trouble-free product, and we have done well, but in case of an eventuality, below you will find our policies regarding claims and credits, we kindly ask you to follow these simple and fair procedures in the eventuality of a problem with your flowers.

Please be advised that in case we do not receive your claim on time, or according to these procedures, it will not be accepted.

1.- The notification of a problem with our flowers must be notified in written maximum 10 days after our delivery in your Cargo Agency.
2.- The paperwork required to support a credit claim is the following:

• A written letter explaining the problem together with pictures showing us the problem, so that we can find the cause of the problem.
• In the case of fumigation, please send a copy of the Emergency Action Notification that the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) emits after the PPQ (Plants Protection Quarantine) inspection.
• As many support documentation you might provide us, the fastest your claim will be approved.

Thanks in advance for your attention, we sincerely appreciate our commercial relationship with all of you, and keep making every effort to accommodate all of your needs.

We are against child work.