ValleflorUSA produces summer flowers in total harmony with society and environment

About Us

Valleflor was established in 1996 as a family business in Puembo, Ecuador. We focus our production towards the best varieties of summer flowers. We own three neighboring farms totaling 70 acres. We keep widening our production by trying as many “coded test plants” as possible from our breeders. This allows us to offer our customers the newest varieties.


Being a large sized farm, managed by the owners and our long standing professional staff, the service we provide is outstanding. We look forward to building lifetime customers, so our efforts are directed to give all of you personalized service, based on reliability and consistent quality.


Our mission is to produce the newest varieties of excellent quality summer flowers in order to satisfy the most demanding customers.


Our vision is, to create job opportunities and, growth for our employees. Developing together competitive advantages that last throughout time, and that generate value to all of the team that makes Valleflor.


Valleflor USA produces summer flowers in total harmony with society and environment. We always take into account and respect the well-being of our 220 employees and their families.


It is our policy to guarantee a safe working atmosphere for our staff and customers. We are a BASC Certified farm, so that we can bring an even more solid and secure product and service.

“Flores del Valle S.A garantiza un entorno de trabajo seguro para nuestros colaboradoresy clientes aplicando la norma y estándar BASC para evitar la contaminación de nuestros productos con actividades ilicitas, corrupción y soborno. El cumplimiento de la legislación vigente y la mejora continua del SGCS BASC.”


We are against child work.